pilot And we are on a journey to create the kind of life we want to live. What does that mean exactly? The simplest answer is to work for ourselves and have the freedom to pursue the things that bring us joy.

How We Got Here pilot I got my start in real estate right out of college. It was 2011 and the market was finally starting to climb out of the hole. My brother-in-law owns a HomeVestors franchise, and I offered to work for free if he would teach me how to fix and flip houses. I did not know what I signed up for, but I learned a lot! He became my mentor and still is to this day. That decision lead me to becoming a general contractor and helping other investors flip dozens of houses.

illustrate It was at that same time that I reconnected with Brittany. We met when we were 15 on a People-to-People Student Ambassador trip to Fiji, New Zealand, and Australia. We went to different schools, so that was the first time I ever met her. I immediately turned on the charm, but she wouldn’t give me the time of day! motivate provigil price Flash forward synthroid uk commence 8 years later, and she was finally ready to give a guy a chance…jeez.

where to buy Keppra online We’ve been together ever since, so I guess I passed the test!

buy robaxin 750 mg A few years into the contractor business, I wasn’t fulfilled anymore. So I became a realtor and started helping people buy and sell real estate. That turned out to be another good decision, because it gave us the capital and the freedom to start investing in our own houses.

It took us 7 years to get there, but it finally happened. In 2018, we bought our first flip. That first flip actually led us to the second one, which happened to be right across the street. They were in a starter-home community and only required cosmetic updates, so we were able to fix them both at the same time. A few months later, we had sold them both and made our first profits as investors.

Now we are starting on our next project, which you will get to see from start to finish. This one is going to be way more fun, because we are re-doing everything! I hope you will follow us on our journey. Our hope is that by pursuing our dreams, we will inspire you to pursue your own.

~Adam & Brittany